Rainbow Way in the 31st China Home Appliance Fair
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Rainbow Way in the 31st China Home Appliance Fair


March 6, 2023, the 31st China Home Appliance Fair in Zhongshan Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center opened successfully. The slogan of this year's fair is "Guangdong Manufacturing, Guangdong Strengthening, Guangdong trading worldwide".

GUANGDONG SHUNDE RAINBOW WAY TECHNICAL CO., LTD. , after careful preparation, with exquisite technical level, excellent high quality products again become a highlight in the industry. The ingenious humanized design and solid material products have attracted many domestic and foreign merchants to stop to watch and consult. Many buyers on the booth praised: "Through a few air cooler booth, it is this booth with the best quality of the air cooler!"


There are also many buyers who have visited the booth of Rainbow Way for many times. After comparing several air cooler exhibitors, they finally chose Rainbow Way air cooler and reached the purchase intention on the booth. This is an industry feast, but also a harvest journey. On the first day of the exhibition we also brought back many valuable comments from end users and dealers.

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In recent years, GUANGDONG SHUNDE RAINBOW WAY TECHNICAL CO., LTD. insists to the quality first, design and manufacturing care for consumers. In the air cooler, DC fan, energy conservation and environmental protection industry has made long-term development, remarkable achievements, has a certain brand accumulation, steady development. Even so, we know there is a long way to go. We will also continue to improve the management system, accelerate the process of brand building, rationally face the market demand, make more quality products to serve dealers friends and end consumption.