Shanghai AWE (Appliance &Electronics World Expo) will held in Shanghai April 27th-April 30th,2023.
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Shanghai AWE (Appliance &Electronics World Expo) will held in Shanghai April 27th-April 30th,2023. Our Booth NO. E2-2A05.Guangdong Shunde Rainbow Way Technical Co.,Ltd (RBW for short), as one of the leading with air cooler/swamp cooler ,rechargeable fan and air purifier manufacturer, bring mature new products and cooling solution, which demonstrates the manufacturing and strength of RBW.

RBW evaporative air cooler of LL-V6 follows the airborne white and black tone of high-end series, elegant and pure, not only humidify and purify the room, but also cool the room fast with 4500CMH airflow.

     Let’s join the exhibition together in April.