Air cooler season
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With the development of society as well as healthy concept, more and more people would like to pay more attentions to healthy, smart and energy saving household appliances. Comparing with traditional stand fan and wall mounted air conditioner, air cooler has its unique advantages and selling points in the market.


Firstly, air cooler has a wider swing angle and larger capable area if it’s compared with traditional fan. Powerful centrifugal turbines can provide longer distance wind and better cooling performance with water evaporation system. Especially in the hot and dry area, air cooler can achieve five to eight Celsius degree cooling effect.


Secondly, evaporative air cooler is more eco-friendly and flexible if it’s compared with air conditioner. For most household air coolers, the average power consumption is not more than 0.15 kw/h, which is much less than air conditioner. Besides, the maintenance rate of RBW air cooler can be no more than 0.12%, which can save a lot of time, money and labor cost when it comes to after-sale service. Last but not the least, the maintenance procedure is quite simple and convenient for most shops, it takes no more than 5 minutes to change the Printed Circuit Boards.


Thirdly, there is a wide product range of RBW air cooler. The water tank capacity for household ones is available from 12 litre to 45 litre, which can cater to different needs as well as applications.

What’s more, RBW V9 series is popular for cafe, canteen, hotel reception hall, restaurant, meeting room and so on.   


With the summer season is approaching, lots of oversea and domestic buyers have placed the order in advance and made good preparations for the upcoming hot selling seasons. Many of them are not the first time to cooperate with RBW company, even though there are plenty of air cooler manufacturers in the market, they are still willing to be stick to RBW air cooler, as the way we are stick to qualification, profession and innovation.


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