Quality Control
We prioritize product quality. Through the efforts of all employees, RBW has successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. In order to ensure product quality, we will never ignore any details. Our production is strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2015 international quality management system. Our products also passed CB certification, CE certification, TUV certification and CCC certification, etc. In addition, we have established a complete supplier management system, production management system, and distribution system.
Supplier Management System
RBW has established a complete and strict supplier evaluation management system, and we usually conduct regular on-site inspections on our suppliers. All raw materials must be inspected by our professional quality inspectors before entering the warehouse, so as to effectively control raw material quality before production. If any defects are found, we would return the raw materials to the supplier, and we would urge the suppliers to solve the problems. And we will request the supplier to give a satisfactory answer.
Production Management System
Firstly, all areas of the factory must be kept clean to ensure that unfinished products and finished products are not contaminated throughout the production process. All of our workers must undergo strict training to ensure that they are familiar with each operation.

After the production is completed, the product needs to pass a series of performance tests to ensure good performance. Performance test includes power-on test, aging test (with water), actual power test, high and low voltage test. At this stage, we can check whether the product is well assembled and whether it can operate normally. Secondly, we will have an aging test to test whether product can run continuously for at least 48 hours. This testing is to ensure that the product is reliable and stable after long-term use.
The inspection before shipment is independent from our factory. At this stage, some new customers will come to the factory for inspection or they will send a third party to carry out selective inspections on the products. RBW has strict organization in the whole process of procurement, processing, inventory control, etc., so we can make on time delivery. We use five-layer high-strength corrugated paper box or kraft paper box to pack the products, and there are upper and lower protective foam inside the box to fix the product and to avoid damage during transportation.
Distribution System