Women's Day
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In August 1910, the Second International Socialist Women's Congress was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The meeting was attended by representatives of 17 countries. The main issues discussed at the meeting were to oppose the expansion of the imperialist army and prepare for war and safeguard world peace; At the same time, the issue of protecting the rights of women and children, striving for the eight-hour working system and women's right to vote was also discussed. The initiative of Clara Catkin, a famous German socialist revolutionist and outstanding communist fighter who led the conference, to take March 8 every year as the struggle day for women all over the world, was unanimously supported by the participants.

Women's Day is a festival for women from all over the world to strive for peace, equality and development. It is also a festival for women all over the world. This day is recognized by the United Nations and is also recognized as a legal holiday by many countries. Women from all over the world can celebrate their own festivals on this day, although they are distinguished by different national boundaries, races, languages, cultures, economies and politics. Let's look back on the struggle for equality, justice, peace and development made 90 years ago.

International Women's Day is a witness of women's history. Women have a long way to fight for equality with men. Lycestrata of ancient Greece led the women's struggle to prevent war; During the French Revolution, women in Paris shouted "freedom, equality and fraternity" and took to the streets of Versailles to fight for the right to vote.

On this day, women from all continents of the world, regardless of nationality, race, language, culture, economic and political differences, pay close attention to women's human rights. In recent decades, four global conferences of the United Nations have strengthened the international women's movement. With the growth of the international women's movement, Women's Day has gained global significance. These developments have made International Women's Day a day of solidarity and concerted efforts to demand the return of women's rights and women's right to participate in political, economic and social life.