45L large water tank evaporative air cooler--V6A
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I will introduce today main character. Our RBW LL-V6A.

    First, the looking is designed by our design team. We have a young and energetic design team, all the product appearances are independently designed by our design team, and applied for national patent. The exclusive appearance design of RBW air cooler belongs to our company only, and other manufacturers cannot copy it. Why we call it V6? Because there is a conspicuous V-shaped groove design at the sides. Please focus this black, grey and white color separation design. This kind of small decoration can upgrade this air cooler as an artwork. Let’s check the back side, here is a filter with texture design.

    The height of the V6 is 1.25m. Thanks to this big size, it is suitable to use in an office, living room or restaurant. Wind of speed is 14m/s. Airflow is 4500m³/h. Power is 220W. Water tank capacity is 45L. Weight is 13.5kg.

    Here is the control panel. We use touch sensor control panel for this model, like a smart phone.

    The air outlet is very big, to provide a strong airflow to users. At the beginning of designing the product, we maximize the area of the outlet according to the size of the turbine and the evaporation speed in the cooling pad after many tests. To provide users with the largest blowing area. The wind of an air cooler prevents mosquitoes from flying, good for some areas with a lot of mosquitoes.

    RBW products take safety as the top priority. All the moving parts are required to have a corresponding safety distance according to the safety regulations, so RBW products to add the safety protection net.

    At the beginning of design, in order not to let users worry about high water changing frequency, we calculated the evaporation time of the water tank according to the area of the cooling pad, so as to determine the size of the water tank. It will take RBW air cooler about 12 hours to run out of water tanks that are filled to the highest level. Users only need to change the water once a day.

   According to the needs of the water tank and the machine, RBW designs the detachable water tank to make cleaning more convenient. The RBW LL-V6A water tanks can also be upside-down on the body, which reduces the height by about 500px to easier storage in winter when the air cooler is not in use. While the tank was being separated, the body could remain firmly on the ground, without the fear of having to be supported by an extra person, and without the fear of accident and damage caused by a collapse. And there is a water indicator at the front to let you observe how much water in the water tank.

    There are 4 durable caster wheel at the bottom. 2 of them have brakes to fix the position of air cooler. These wheels will help you a lot to move the air cooler everywhere you want.

    The air inlet design of RBW air cooler adopts a 60-mesh high-density dust-proof net, which really achieves the effective dust-proof effect of the first filter. Because the filter can isolate the dust, it needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect the effect of cooling and air purifying. In order to make it more convenient for consumers to clean the dust screen, all the filters of RBW air coolers are designed to be easy to remove.

    We have 3 kinds of water feeding way. 1. Here is the water inlet at the front. 2. People can fill water at the top. 3. You can separate the water tank to fill water or clean inside. Some people may ask why we don’t use ice crystal box. After our tests, ice crystal box can only cool down the air faster, but in the end the cooling effect did not change. Even if adding normal temperature water for a period of time, the water in the water tank will become cold because of heat absorption due to evaporation. So we don’t need ice crystal box. In the initial design of the product, the thickness and size of the cooling pad are reasonably designed according to the size of the machine, so as to achieve the best cooling effect.

    Ice crystal box need to be cold before use. Most family only have fridge to cold it. But ice crystal box in the water tank will become dirty. Most importantly, we suggest that users do not take the ice crystal box out of the water tank of the air cooler and put it back to the refrigerator quickly after use. To effectively prevent harmful bacteria from entering the refrigerator, which is where food is stored. If the user insists on an ice crystal box, we also advise that the ice crystal box should be cleaned before returning to the refrigerator.

    The ionizer function of RBW air cooler is to automatically turn on when the machine is turned on, so that the wind blowing out comes with anion, making the wind cleaner and more comfortable, and helping to decompose smoke quickly and effectively.

    Then I will show you the cooling theory by opening the inside of the air cooler. When we turn on the cooling function, actually we turn on the pump. The pump start working to pump the water to the top. Then the water in the water separator will flow down under the action of the gravity.