Warm Tips: How to enjoy the fresh cool breeze and well maintained the air cooler?
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Warm Tips: How to enjoy the fresh cool breeze and well maintained the air cooler?


Air cooling fan let us feel cool in hot summer. In order to enjoy long and comfortable wind, please don’t forget to clean the cooling fan. Today, let us see how to clean the air cooling fan and storage.


For safety reasons, before cleaning, please remember to cut off the power.


1)  Clean the tank regularly.

For a long time use, water tank is easy to breed bacteria and scale, that not only affect the use of effect, but also easy to spread the disease through the air, leading to respiratory discomfort. In order to protect the health, it is recommend to clean the water tank every month.


2)  Add pure water

Many people like to add some spices in the water tank and deliver them to indoor air through the air supply. In fact, this method is unscientific. If used improperly, it is easy to plug the air outlet and cause respiratory discomfort. And ordinary tap water will certainly contain impurities, it is easy to block out the fog mouth. So if approved, please using pure water, it can reduce the bacteria breeding in the condensation process.



3)  Clean the filter and cooling pad regularly.

Filter and cooling pad can filter out dust and impurities in the air. But if not regularly clean, dust on the filter is easy to affect the effect of wind, serious when it is likely to cause secondary pollution. So please remember to clean the filter and cooling pad regulary. The best time to wash is once every two weeks.



4)  Storage

When the summer out, and need to storage the air cooling fan.Before storage, it should drain out the water and make the water tank clean, after keep the cooling pad & water tank dry, can put on plastic bags to prevent dust from entering.