You would need to know about the air cooler
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You would need to know about the air cooler

1、 The refrigeration principle of a air cooler

Principle: By relying on the built-in water pump to continuously circulate water within the motor, the surrounding air is cooled, and the air sent out is cold.

Medium: Air cooler is a fan that uses water as the medium and can send out wind with the same water temperature in a short period of time. However, because it cannot cool itself, it needs to continuously inject water of the required temperature into it to maintain the continuous delivery of cold air.


2、 How to use air cooler

1. Horizontal placement

The air cooler should be placed horizontally and not tilted. Before use, check whether the socket power supply is consistent with the parameters on the fan nameplate.

2. Moderate humidification

New units or air conditioning fans that have been out of service for a long time must be filled with clean water before use. The water level can be observed through a water gauge to control the amount of water added. Before adding water, the power plug should be unplugged to prevent damage to electrical components. The water level to be filled should rise to near the "highest" position, and should not be too full; After filling the water, pay attention to the condition of the water gauge when using it for cooling. When the water level drops to near the lowest position, add water immediately, otherwise the refrigeration effect will be lost.

3. Pay attention to ventilation and ventilation

When using air cooler for 1-3 hours, open the window for ventilation and do not use it continuously for too long to avoid damage to internal parts. After each use of  the air cooler, the plug should be unplugged and placed far away from water sources and flammable materials.

When outside is a big sun, and the inside is isolated from the outside heat under the cooling wind. The air cooler utilizes physical cooling methods, allowing us to cool down quickly without air conditioning. Pay attention to the usage method when using it, so that it no longer feels hot in summer