RBW Canton Fair Invitation
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The 134th Canton Fair will be held from 15th October to 4th November in Guangzhou China. The first stage covers from Electronics & Appliance, Manufacturing, Vehicles & Two wheels, Light & Electrical and Hardware. Since Covid-19 and economic downturn last year, the market demand starts to be back to be normal, and consumer's buying power is increasing.

       Guangdong Shunde Rainbow Way Technical Co.,Ltd. will attend the first stage Canton Fair from 15th to 19th October, booth information is 4.1 M12 1AP15.

During the exhibition, our booth will display all kinds of air cooler, electric heater, rechargeable fan and so on. There are more than ten household air coolers for further selection, water tank capacity ranges from 12 litre to 45 litre. Speaking of air cooler, I have to say that the newest model V6A9 will be one of the most attractive at the booth. Equipped with 45 litre detachable water tank, its height is up to 1700mm, which is perfectly suitable for commercial use, like restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, reception hall, hotel and so on. Its maximum wind distance can be up to 15 meter and cover 45 square meter.

Besides, we have launched a new multi-functional ceiling fan with lights. Trendy appearance with unique design, it can be the most competitive product in the household appliance market. What's more, there is another model with heating supply function, one product with three practical functions for daily life, it's a perfect lighting appliance for living room as well as kitchen.

Heartbeat is not as good as action, we sincerely welcome your visiting during Canton Fair, let us enjoy the beauty of nice household appliances.