With independent 4L mist spray tank LL-20B , keep mist in dry area
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RBW LL-20B series, which made of pure white ABS material, stronger than normal PP

3000m3/h airflow for whole house, for family party, for travelling in outside

Electronic button display, OEM brand

360 degree stereoscopic and wide angle air supply

Auto swing function to enjoy a wide range of cool air

Big water tank- 30L capacity, there are 2 ways to feed water: back side, detachable tank

it was suitable for all of people when we designed it

Choosing cooling way, it keep cool all day long, and not need to feed water all the time


The most important feature is that humidification mist spray tank

4L independent tank on the top side, easy to take out and feeding water and cleaning

You can put into water, hypochlorous acid, aroma and so on