What are some of the harmful ingredients in our daily foods?
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Not long ago, I still remember the news that a family of four in Putian suffered from food poisoning caused by eating vegetables with pesticide residue. The whole family fell into a coma and was hospitalized with dizziness and vomiting. What does dietary hygiene start with after all? Top of the list is food hygiene.

What are some of the harmful ingredients in our daily foods? In summary, they are about these kinds:

1, fruits and vegetables - ripening agents, pesticide residues, long-term intake may be toxic or carcinogenic;

2, meat - contains hormones, clenbuterol, antibiotics, etc., long-term intake damage human immunity, affect growth and development;

3, aquatic products - contain heavy metals, hidden bacteria, ingested body is not easy to remove, can lead to poisoning in the long term;

4, whole grains - contains pesticides, heavy metals and longtime storage easy to produce mold, etc., long-term consumption may lead to poisoning.

Food washer, also known as food purification machine, fruit and vegetable purification machine. At first, it is mainly used in restaurants, food cleaning industry, agricultural products processing and other fields. In recent years, small, convenient family fruit and vegetable washing machine to enter the market. According to its purification principle is mainly divided into: ozone purification, ultrasonic purification, plasma purification, hydroxyl water ion purification. Compared with ozone, ultrasonic, plasma technology, hydroxyl water ion purification has the characteristics of good cleaning effect, non-toxic side effects. At present, the main products on the market are food washer with hydroxyl water ion purification technology.

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First, let's take a look at the principle of hydroxyl water purification technology. Tap water is decomposed into H+ hydrogen ions and OH hydroxide ions under the action of an ion hydroxyl generator. Hydroxyl radical (·OH) has a very high oxidation potential (2.80eV), resulting in its strong oxidation ability. With most organic pollutants can occur fast chain reaction, no selective oxidation of harmful substances into carbon dioxide, water or mineral salt, no secondary pollution. In brief, hydroxyl water ion purification fruit and vegetable washing machine is through the "ion REDOX action" to remove harmful residues in food ingredients, remove agricultural residues and inactivated sterilization.

The purification effect of food washer mainly depends on the number, area and product power of electrolytic sheet/core in the purification bin, and there is a positive correlation. The larger the number and area of electrolytic plate/core and the higher the power, the better the purification effect and efficiency.

In order to avoid flavor mixing and cross infection of food materials, it is best to choose the food washer with double storage of meat and vegetable, which is not only more hygienic, but also can be used at the same time, improve the utilization rate and save the preparation time.

The biggest difference between wired and wireless food washer is power, which directly affects the purification effect. Limited by the volume of the product, the number of wireless electrolytes, area and power of the product are relatively small, and the purification effect is often not as good as wired. Although the wireless model is small and easy to carry, there are problems such as frequent charging trouble and short service life. The wired model not only carries more power than the wireless model, the current is more stable, the purification effect is better, and more durable.