2022 Annual Fire Evacuation Drill
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2022 Annual Fire Evacuation Drill



Fire Drills must be held annually.


On Oct,10th,2022, Guangdong Shunde Rainbow Way Technical Co., Ltd has organized the annual fire evacuation drill 2022 at Head Office to emphasize on safety awareness and readiness for our employees against fire accident.




The following picture shows the organizational structure of the fire drill, clarify the responsibility of each group, to ensure the orderly conduct.


Fire drills use factory warehouses as fire simulation departments to simulate fires. After the security guard issued a fire alarm signal, the evacuation group quickly arrived in place after hearing the instructions. Effectively evacuate employees from designated routes to safe areas in the shortest amount of time.


In order to allow more people to participate in the exercise, we have the opportunity to practice. We have repeatedly conducted several fire drills. The staff of all departments of the company have been given the opportunity to exercise, which is of great help to improve everyone's fire fighting skills. In addition to using fire extinguishers, we practiced using fire hydrants to extinguish fires.




Safety is the first, prevention is the main. Rainbow Way employees completed the entire fire drill in an orderly manner. This fire drill could let the employees could learn fire protection knowledge from theory to practice, enhanced their ability to escape, and feel the importance of fire safety.