Attractive DC rechargeable smart fan FSZ-32A
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     Smart fan is a smart home appliance that integrates traditional fans and modern technology elements. 

It can not only provide cooling like traditional fans, but also bring users a more convenient experience through intelligent

control, remote operation, voice recognition and other functions.

     RBW company had developed FSZ-32A series DC rechargeable smart fan ,which was equipped with WIFI

connection function, timer, temperature detection and other functions, and colorful fan blade as your requirement.

Here are some features of DC rechargeable smart fan:

1. Pure natural wind, brushless motor, soft wind speed, quiet.

2. Temperature detection function. Detect the environment and display real-time temperature.

3. Power saving and long battery life, 18650 environment-friendly and large capacity lithium battery, which can work

many hours.

4. LED digital display, including show up air speed, swing angle.

5. Touch sensor control ,Multi-angle air supply, 30/60/90 degree swing wind.

6. WIFI remote control function, can be connected to smart home synchronous setting switch, air speed, timer and


7. 8 hour timer set automatic shutdown and sleep peacefully.

8. Patent appearance design--3D fan grill

In addition, we have to mention the extra function---storage box

It can contain whole fan, to save more space in room , as well as serve as a desk.

You may ask, how to choose and use this smart fan?

1. Choose according to demand: When purchasing smart fans, you should choose according to your actual needs and use


For example, if you need a smart fan for easy remote control, you can choose a product with mobile APP control function; 

If you want to enjoy a cool fan at any time in the hot summer, you can choose a smart fan with fast cooling function.

2. Installation:

   Revolve the base to the right and take out tube, then assembly as the following instruction

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance is an important part of ensuring the normal

operation of intelligent fans. 

Dust and dirt on the fan blades and shell should be cleaned regularly to maintain a good heat dissipation effect of the

fan. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check whether the power cord and plug are damaged or aging to avoid

electric shock accidents.

Other configuration of this fan for your choices:

1. Mechanical switch control

2. USB interface

3. LED lighting

4. Solar panel matching

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