Trendy Household Air Cooler
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     An evaporative cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. It's eco-friendly household

appliance which is popular in sub-tropical and temperate zone, its cooling performance and energy saving is

one of attractive selling points in the market. In Such circumstance, we would like to recommend some trendy

household air coolers.


     Speaking of household mini air cooler, 19A always gains customer's preference at the first sight. With 4 speed level setting,

this model of air cooler has a 80w output with centrifugal turbine, the maximum wind speed can be up to 12m/s.


     The capacity of 19A water tank is 12 litre, while the water consumption ranges from 0.6- 1 litre per hours, which means that the

maximum working time without filling water is 20 hours. Of course, its not necessary to worry about water shortage due to the

warning system.

     The most attractive selling point of this air cooler is bluetooth speaker function. Its a perfect combination of music box and 

air cooler, no one would like to refuse breeze with soft music.

     Besides, this smart cooler is equipped with ionizer generator, 24h-timer as well as remote control, its definitely one of most

competitive products in home appliance market.


     In contrast with normal air cooler, this Grey/black color evaporative air cooler has a unique design on appearance as

well as control panel, the side curved edge and modern round panel will definitely leave you a deep impression.

     As we all can see, all kinds of functions are available, like swing, cooling, speed setting, ionizer and so on. Once the

machine runs out of water, the water shortage warning system will keep taking effect.

     Though the height of this air cooler is just 845mm, we shouldn't underestimate its power. With double centrifugal

turbines, its wind speedcan be up to 12m/s, and cover 25-30 cubic meter area.

     Apart from feeding water to water tank, there is another intake on the top of air cooler, which makes it more convenient

to add water or ice. 


    In term of most hot selling air cooler, there is no doubt that V6A always take the first place. With the modern appearance

of transformer, V6A is easily distinguished among all kinds of air coolers.

     Equipped with double centrifugal turbines, V6A has a 220w output, and  its maximum airflow can be up to 4000m3/h. There are

four speed-levels setting, three for daily use and one for sleeping.

     Product quality can be 100% ensured, cause the plastic part is made of Imported brand new ABS from LG, it’s much more durable

than most of air coolers in the market. Besides, V6A is 100% copper capacitor motors with double ball bearings, which reduces

the cost of electricity and avoid the oil leakage problem.

     What's more, there are three optional height, from 1.2 meter to 1.7 meter, which can cater to different needs of application.

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