How to choose a good air cooler?
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How to choose a good air cooler

How to choose a good air cooler or Fan, let you persistent enjoy the pure cooling wind in all summer, the followings information let you know how to be a shrewd consumer.

1. Appearance

When I bought a new products, I first check to see whether the product packaging is complete, no signs of knock against, flooding formation;In addition, I always pay attention to check the products the respectively indicate the product brand, product type, manufacturer name and address of the factory date and other important information.

2. Quality

Good raw material, unique product structure,meticulous workmanship not only affect the quality of the products, but also help us to avoid small factory inferior products. Shunde Rainbow Way Technical Co Ltd, which air coolers use ABS plastic,cooper motor with unique air duct design, is the guarantee of your trust.

3. Function

More and more air coolers on the market, we recommended you buy practical function. Look at the features that we should note the following points:

         a, cooling capacity: a good air cooler can effectively cooling the air, normally can reduce 5-8. The temperature is higher, and the humidity is lower, the cooling effect will be better.

         b, airflow: airflow is very simple to examine - when the air cooler start to work, we can feel the wind stood 2.5 to 3 meters away.

         c, purification capabilities: some air cooler have a negative oxygen ions function, we suggest the family who just finished renovation to try.Ionizer function can filter and purify the air, which can meet the requirements of health and environmental protection.