Great Heat! The hottest time of the year has arrived
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Great Heat The hottest time of the year has arrived

The Da Shu solar term is around the "Mid dogs day" period in the "Three dogs Days", which is the most intense and hot solar term of the year, and the "Damp Heat Steam" also reaches its peak at this time. Great heat is the season with the most thunderstorms, abundant rainfall, and the high temperature is basically consistent with the rainy period, with rain and heat occurring simultaneously. The monsoon climate is the main characteristic of China's climate. In summer, it is influenced by warm and humid air currents from the ocean, resulting in high temperatures, dampness, and rainfall in many parts of China. This season is characterized by intense sunlight, high temperatures, dampness, and rain. Although there may be hardships of dampness and heat, it is very beneficial for the growth of crops, which grow fastest during this period.


 Remember to use the air conditioner as follows in summer:

1. When cooling and ventilation indoors, the air conditioning should be turned on first and then the windows should be closed;

2. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, and an indoor temperature of around 26 ℃ is the most suitable;

3. Turn on the dehumidification function during the "sauna day", which allows for comfortable cooling without lowering the air conditioning temperature;

4. Turn on the air conditioning for 3 hours, remember to open the window for ventilation;

5. The air vent is facing upwards for better cooling, allowing cold air to circulate from top to bottom and naturally communicate.


For some people who are not suitable for using air conditioning, we also recommend a very user-friendly air cooler!

1. The RBW air cooler does not need to be used in a closed environment, with ventilation and breathability, and can also feel cool in the hot summer.

2. Pure paper honeycomb evaporator, without dyeing or odor, have a significant cooling effect!

3. The detachable high-density dustproof net prevents dust from entering, and with its negative ion function, it ensures your respiratory health!

4.12L-45L large water tank meets your different requirements. No need to change water frequently!

5. It has a delayed shutdown function to protect the honeycomb evaporator from moisture, mold, and bacteria. The water pump also has a water shortage and dry burning prevention function. Consumers are more confident in using it.