Shunde Rainbow Way- Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier Verified
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Congratulations on the successfully passed of Guangdong Shunde Rainbow way Technical Co., Ltd (RBW) through Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier Verified.

 Recently, RBW successfully passed the Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier Verified, which not only affirms the work of RBW for several years, but also encourages the future growth of our company.

Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier Verified inspected with TUV 3rd part, emphasizes the concept of customer-centered, makes it clear that the company obtains and understands customer's requirements through various means, determines customer's requirements, meets or even surpasses customer's requirements through the operation of various processes, and obtains the feeling of customer's satisfaction procedure through the measurement of customer's satisfaction, so as to continuously improve the company's position in customer's mind and enhance customer's confidence. 

RBW has been in the customer's perspective for many years, and has made clear the responsibilities and authority of personnel at all levels and their relationships. It has made clear the ability requirements of all kinds of personnel from the aspects of enterprise education, training, skills and experience, so as to ensure the smooth operation of all aspects of the company. Through other advanced ideas and management level of continuous improvement, it has continuously improved the efficiency of the enterprise and made RBW innovate continuously, Development. This RBW is a new starting point for enterprises to obtain the qualifications of customers and the recognition of international market. Enterprises will take this opportunity to create greater brilliance.

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