Model FSZ-13A ,DC rechargeable desktop fan
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FSZ-13A model is our new products, DC 5V, power 8W. Modern appearance and unique visual design, always give you different feeling from different view

Pure white fan body with colorful fan blade,like an artwork in your home.Seven-pieces fan blade, make soft and natural wind in hot summer ,and bring you a comfortable living environment.

The whole body included fan blade are made of 100% new ABS material not second hand material,it will not easy to deform if use in long time.That is a quality assurance for our customers and won good reputation

1800mah lithium battery, 4 hours using time under 3 hours charging, this product is an environmental protection product, no fluorine pollution

USB and type C connector, available for mobile phone charging adapter, car charging, solar charging plate and other ways

Four speeds to choose, F1-F4 adjusting

Multi-angle swing design, 30 /60 /90 degrees swing, it will shut down automatically and air outlet return to original position

With WIFI function, firstly download smart life APP as manual instruction, easily remote control it in anywhere