What are the requirements for the environment of air cooler arrangement?
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The arrangement of air cooler should consider the requirements of air cooler arrangement in addition to some basic requirements for the general layout of the compressor station. Because air cooler inlet air temperature has great influence on its thermal performance, reasonable environmental requirements can guarantee the normal heat exchange of air cooler. Conversely, if the air cooler is improperly furnished, the air cooler inlet temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, reducing the heat transfer temperature difference and reducing the heat transfer ability.


Air cooler inlet temperature above ambient temperature, there are two reasons: first, the air cooler device is too close to some high-temperature equipment, sucked into the high-temperature airflow, the second is the air cooler exhaust the hot air, which is part of the fan pumping garage cooler, called hot air recycling, also some people call it?? Hot air reflux?