The collage was invited to visit our company on February 15, 2023.
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Guangdong Shunde Ruibohui Design Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijiao Town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, the kingdom of home appliances, is a company with its own industrial design and professional PI design team. The founder, He Xiangxi, focuses on the innovation and development of product technology and has led the team to obtain more than 100 utility model patents and appearance design patents. Its R&D products sell well all over the world, and its annual production of household electronic and electrical products such as cooling fans, electric heaters and humidifiers reaches 1.5 million units. Mr. He is also very committed to promoting the mining and training of design talents. Guangdong Shunde Ruibohui Design Technology Co., Ltd and Guangdong Shunde Rainbow way technological co, sincerely invites the School of Architecture and Art Design, Hunan University of Science and Technology to exchange and share with us. The collage was invited to visit our company on February 15, 2023.

The School of Architecture and Art Design of Hunan University of Science and Technology is also committed to promoting the construction of industry-university-research projects in architecture, design and other disciplines, helping enterprises and related disciplines of the school to carry out a series of precise services, such as school-enterprise cooperation model, industry-education integration service, joint education, professional construction, order cultivation, establishment of entrepreneurship base for college students, orientation training for high-end professionals.

Mr. He introduced the design concept and conception of various electronic appliances of our company to the dean and students of the university in detail to the design City team members. For example, we people-oriented cold fan design, innovative delayed shutdown design, care for the elderly and infants sleep quiet wind design, care for respiratory health of ionizer function, and cooling pads safety installation design and so on. The DC fan designed by our company is also introduced, which opens the horizon and imagination for the students' design structure.

In the course of the meeting, Mr. He explained our mission to become the most trustworthy community for customers in need, and our vision to make good design in the world. The dean also spoke highly of our company's product design and our company's talent training concept. He also shared with Mr. He over the years of Hunan University of Science and Technology design talent training experience and put forward valuable suggestions. It expresses that this generation of young designers are the future consumers and can grasp the future fashion trend more accurately.