New Delhi may be closed down due to serious air pollution in India
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Recently, the air in the Indian capital New Delhi has become worse and worse. On November 3, the air pollution level in New Delhi reached the worst level since the beginning of this winter. At 9 a.m. local time on November 3, the air pollution index in New Delhi reached 426, which is the level of "heavy pollution".

On November 3, the New Delhi Municipal Government decided to stop classes in grades 1 to 8 from November 4 and change the teaching to online. This arrangement lasted until November 8. Students in grades 9 to 12 are also required to teach online as much as possible. The New Delhi Municipal Government also decided to ban commercial diesel vehicles from the 4th.

At present, the night temperature in New Delhi is still above 20 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature drops in the future, the problem of air pollution will become more intractable.

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