A new beginning In 2024
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    RBW company will start a new journey and we also devote to develop more products series in 2024. At present, we have

air cooler, electric heaters, ceiling fan, rechargeable fan and other home appliance products. The product design concept of

RBW Air Cooler is to bring environmentally friendly, healthy and durable products to consumers. The appearance and color

matching of products are confirmed by countless verification in the market to make users more comfortable. Moreover, RBW

company has a young and energetic design team, all the product appearances are independently designed by our design team,

and applied for national patent. The exclusive appearance design of RBW air cooler belongs to our company only.

    RBW company has been expanding both at home and abroad, in domestic market ,we distributed in the Northwest, Southwest,

South China, East coast, North China region, and other cities are also the goal of 2024, only to provide high-quality products to 

more consumers.

The profiles for main products as the following:


Air cooler was designed according to the role of air conditioning partner regardless of color matching and appearance design. 

When the air cooler is used in an air-conditioned room, we suggest turning on cooling function of the air cooler, and it is 

recommended to blow into space instead of blowing directly at people, According to the need, choose different wind speed 

and use the air conditioner with the RBW air cooler, so that people will be more comfortable in the air conditioning environment.


It quickly heating in 3 seconds , and lower than 45 decibels when it work. With tip over protection system, there are tip over switch 

inside, more safe than mechanical switch, it will shut down automatically to protect machine if it tip over 

Overheating protection with auto reset Thermal fuse

24H adjustable timer 



Smart fan is a smart home appliance that integrates traditional fans and modern technology elements. It can not only provide

cooling like traditional fans, but also bring users a more convenient experience through intelligent control, remote operation, 

voice recognition and other functions.


As a multi-functional product, it with practical and beautiful feature in one machine. So it is not only a fan, a lamp, in addition, 

we also obtained the heating function to meet the needs of different customers,the price is also very favorable,it really a 

cost-effective product.

RBW always insists to its original principle. We offer products with high value to users instead of low price 

products. We ensure 100% brand new materials and will not participate in the price war to buy second hand