Happy Halloween!
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Happy Halloween!

In Western countries, on October 31st every year, there is a Halloween, which is explained in the dictionary as "The eve of All Saints' Day“


Chinese translation: Halloween Night

Halloween is actually a festival celebrating autumn on October 31st. The Druid, a priest in ancient Gaul, Britain, and Ireland, had a grand festival to celebrate autumn, which began at midnight on October 31st and lasted for a whole day on November 1st. They believed that on that night, their great god of death, Salman, summoned all the ghosts of those who had died that year, and these evil spirits would be punished by being raised into animals. There is also a legend that a person who died in the past would have their soul visit the world on the eve of Halloween. It is said that people should let the visiting ghosts see a complete harvest and show them abundant hospitality. All bonfires and lights are used to scare away ghosts, while also illuminating their paths and guiding them back. So they lit towering bonfires and closely monitored these evil spirits on Halloween, and that's how the story of witches and ghosts everywhere began.

Halloween is a traditional Western holiday that falls on the night of October 31st each year, also known as "Ghost Night" and "Ghost Festival". Because the second day of Ghost Festival is Halloween (or Saint's Day) in the Western world, Ghost Night is called Halloween Eve.

Halloween is a great time for children to indulge in fun. When night falls, the children put on colorful makeup clothes and various monster like masks. Many children also carry a "Jack's Lamp" in their hands. The method of Jack's lantern is to empty out the pumpkin, insert a small wax candle inside, and carve smiling eyes and a big mouth on the outside. After the candle is lit, people can see the charming and innocent smiling face carved on the melon from afar. Under the moonlight, the children came to their neighbors and shouted intimidatingly, 'TRICK-OR-TREAT'. The meaning is "play pranks or give entertainment." If not treated, mischievous children will soap the handles on people's doors or color others and cats. These small pranks often make adults laugh and laugh. Most families prepare candy early to entertain these innocent little guests.

Tomorrow is Halloween, I wonder if you have prepared candy and pumpkin lanterns? 

Wishing everyone a happy Halloween!