Qingming Festival
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Tomb sweeping is an ancient custom in China during the Qingming Festival. On this day, people will sweep and burn paper for their deceased loved ones, and in some places, they will also fill and reinforce their graves with soil. Some places do not burn paper or incense, which is related to the current environmental requirements. In recent years, new forms of civilized worship such as online worship and remote sending of mourning have been on a large scale. However, there are also reasons for the ban on fire during the Cold Food Festival. In these places, people adopt the method of hanging money, paper, and silk on the branches of graves.

During the Qingming Festival, the spring scenery is bright and the vegetation is turning green, making it a good time for people to travel in spring. Spring outing, also known as spring outing, was once called exploring spring, searching for spring, and so on. During the Qingming Festival, ancestor worship activities are often held in the suburbs. People combine ancestor worship, tomb sweeping, and outings for outings, which not only reflect on their ancestors but also provide physical and mental health. This seasonal folk activity, outings, has a long history in China, and its source is the ancient Chinese agricultural and sacrificial customs of welcoming the spring. This kind of agricultural and sacrificial custom of welcoming the spring has a profound impact on future generations.

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