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  • Swamp Cooler

    • Swamp Cooler Companies
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      Swamp Cooler Companies

      Compact size of RBW LG -16D swamp cooler is what customers love, take very little space and good-looking if placed in the room or bedroom. The swamp cooler is ideal for dry region where the humidity is low and it could lower the temperature around 5~10 degrees Celsius. Features Eco-friendly and...
    • Portable Air Conditioner Swamp Cooler
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      Portable Air Conditioner Swamp Cooler

      The stylish RBW-Q8A model maintains cool and refresh home. This air conditioner swamp cooler uses two centrifugal double fans, and it is convenient for room use, portable castors can move across the room. Plus, it can maximize energy efficiency and lower the running cost. RBW Q8A swamp cooler...
    • Swamp Cooler Air Conditioner
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      Swamp Cooler Air Conditioner

      The 3 in 1 portable AC swamp cooler is an energy efficient cooling fan, which is best used in dry climate which the humidity is below 60%. Although it’s spot cooling, it can cool the temperature around 10℃ degrees. The swamp cooler uses very low power, the power consumption is only 1/4 of the...
    • Evaporative Swamp Cooler
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      Evaporative Swamp Cooler

      Stylish and multi-functional portable evaporative swamp cooler with remote control and LED display, which is perfect for bedroom, living room or office. Clear LCD display on the unit or the remote controller to operate 24hrs timer, oscillation, 4 speeds settings and 4 wind types. Move this...
    • Best Swamp Cooler
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      Best Swamp Cooler

      Best swamp cooler of LL-16A model is our best selling in the past three years, and the elegant design and Mist function(optional) is unique in the market, especially, the large and fast wind can cool the air fast. Its 3 cooling pads help to reduce the temperature as far as it could, and also...
    • Window Swamp Cooler
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      Window Swamp Cooler

      While air conditioner uses chemicals and to start up the cooling, this window swamp cooler uses only water to cool the air, which is natural way.
    • Roof Swamp Cooler
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      Roof Swamp Cooler

      Save money and reduce power consumption with RBW QF 18D roof swamp cooler. Designed for very large space up to 1800 square feet, this swamp cooler uses natural evaporative cool system to cool your home, warehouse or factory. It lowers temperature as much as 20-25 degrees. It comes with an...
    • Industrial Swamp Cooler
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      Industrial Swamp Cooler

      Let the room or outdoor space with cooling and fresh air with RBW air cooler of model 05A.This swamp cooler is with electronic panel and remote control is easily programmable for your convenience. Automatic swing left to right can circulate the air around the room and set timer from 1 to 24hrs...
    • Commercial Swamp Cooler
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      Commercial Swamp Cooler

      A durable indoor& outdoor swamp cooler, RBW065 model has a large water tank of 60 liters, and powerful airflow of 6000CMH to quickly cool large spaces up to 1200 square feet.
    • Big Swamp Cooler
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      Big Swamp Cooler

      Big Swamp cooler for large area such as living room, large dining room, restaurants and so on. And it’s designed for cooling up to 1050 square feet, this model offers powerful motor, a large 45 liter water tank, and could add a continuous water supply connection. The oscillation louvers let is...
    • Large Swamp Cooler
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      Large Swamp Cooler

      Introducing large air cooler with powerful wind and remote control. A great option for on-the-go use, its 3 cooling pads of high quality honeycomb and simple control panel, fixed palm frill design and four fan speeds make it optimum cooling for spaces up to 1250 square feet.
    • Swamp Cooler Fan
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      Swamp Cooler Fan

      Staying cool doesn’t cost much if you have RBW LL-Q8A1 model swamp cooler, this air cooler blows large wind around 2500CMH, and the top water refilling in design and 3 cooling pads make this swamp cooler cool the room as far as possible, although swamp cooler is only for spot cooling but it’s...
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