• Best Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

    Best Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

    Air cooler RBW 075, which is perfect for home or work use. The cooler wheel design offers maximum air velocity for cool, quiet comfort anywhere air conditioning isn't practical. Product Features Advantages 1. Micro-computer control, make your life more easy. 2. 10m wide...Read More
  • Breeze Air Evaporative Cooler

    Breeze Air Evaporative Cooler

    Commercial evaporative air cooler RBW 080, centrifugal fan design, with first class motor,effective cooling area up to 70 square meters. Works using tap water, also can connect cooler water inlet to water tap with a pipe. Product Features Advantages 1. High strength sun-proof...Read More
  • Industrial Evaporative Cooler

    Industrial Evaporative Cooler

    Air cooler RBW 060 is a quick, easy and affordable solution to spot cooling. The effective cooling airflow is 6000M3/h, power is 230W,very low energy cost. Open top design, easy to add water and clean. Product Features Advantages 1. Distance Cooling effective reduce 5-8°C....Read More
  • Best Air Evaporative Cooler

    Best Air Evaporative Cooler

    Powerful Portable Evaporative Air Cooler LZ-B3036, working with water, lo-carbon and ECO friendly. With remote control and touch control panel, LED display ionizer for air purification. Product Features Advantages 1. Air distance is 6m/s. 2. 3 speed choice for fan level. 3....Read More
  • Energy Star Evaporative Cooler

    Energy Star Evaporative Cooler

    * LCD Touch Screen
    * 18Liter water tank
    * Remote controler
    * High density honeycomb best cooling effection
    * 100% copper motor
    Read More
  • Water Evaporative Cooler

    Water Evaporative Cooler

    * Touch sensor Control
    * 2500 m³/h (1500CMF) Slim Personal Cooler
    * Watered on top cover easy and more convenient
    * 4 Speeds with sleep model fit for different person used
    * Up & Down, Left & Right swing automaticly via Remote Controler
    Read More
  • Two Stage Evaporative Cooler

    Two Stage Evaporative Cooler

    * 4500 m³/h provided Super strong wind via 2 windows
    * 5 pieces large size cooling pad (Honeycomb)
    * Ionizer function remove the bad smelling
    * Left & Right, Up & Down Swing Automatically
    * 1-24 Hours Timer
    Read More
  • Mobile Evaporative Cooler

    Mobile Evaporative Cooler

    * Small size but Strong wind 2500 m³/h
    * 3 Different water inlet window
    * Removable water tank
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  • Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers

    Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers

    Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers,Features:Three sides honeycomb could lower the temperature as far as possible,2500m³/h air flow enough cover 30 square metres,Silent work mode, noise level less than 42dB,Centrifugal,Centrifugal double Fans blows large wind,30L capacity, water...Read More
  • Indoor Evaporative Cooler

    Indoor Evaporative Cooler

    New Design Small Evaporative Air Cooler With Remote control Features: large air volume :650m³/h air flow Work Silent, noise level ≤42dB Cross Flow Fan,stronger wind 7L water tank Ionizer for fresh air 24hrs Timer Water pump protection Moveable drawing water tank Specification...Read More
  • Evaporative Cooler Room

    Evaporative Cooler Room

    Evaporative Cooler Room,Features:Cross flow fan for large air outlet,Large water capacity for the whole day use,Low power consumption, only 100W,Durable castors, easy to move,First-hand plastic materialRead More
  • Small Evaporative Cooler

    Small Evaporative Cooler

    Unique design,centrifugal blower not axial,CB &CE certified for safe use,30L large water tank for the whole days use,14m/s fast air speed, and fast lower temperature,14m/s fast air speed, and fast lower temperature,Extra fuction like USB charging fuctionRead More





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