• Mobile AC Unit

    Mobile AC Unit

    Mobile AC Unit very quiet, ideal for sleeping only 46Db (A) for low speed. Free drainage techniques. Water is pumped by a wheel to condenser and evaporated and discharged with the hot air to outside.Read More
  • Portable Room Air Conditioner

    Portable Room Air Conditioner

    Portable Room Air Conditioner not only portable air conditioner but also Compling Air Conditioner, Industrial Spot Cooler, Industrial Dehumidifier.Read More
  • Small Portable AC Unit

    Small Portable AC Unit

    Small Portable AC Unit used copper tube in internal thread design. Refrigerant contact area increasing 150% and Heating exchange effciency increasing 20%. In this model there’s no water tank or drain. There’s new design the uniform used of flywheel kick hit the condensed...Read More
  • Portable Room AC

    Portable Room AC

    Portable Room AC with the Dual-hoses’ system: One hose discharges the hot air to outside and another hose brings the outside air into the room. It’s the same as split type air conditioner.Read More
  • Evaporative Cooler Dealers

    Evaporative Cooler Dealers

    RAINBOW WAY Evaporative Cooler Swamp Cooler is a portable cooling solution that offers unrivalled convenience – keeping the air around you cooling, refreshing and pure. *Keeps the air cooling, refreshing and dust-free at home *Easy humidity adjusting, air cooling and...Read More
  • Best Price Evaporative Coolers

    Best Price Evaporative Coolers

    * Touch sensitive Control
    * 50L Large water tank and convenient design of water intake
    * Ionizer function removes harmful gas like formaldehyde
    * 4 wind speeds – easily adjustable for the needs of different people
    * 5 Hours Timer
    Read More
  • Convair Evaporative Cooler

    Convair Evaporative Cooler

    * Mini size cute design provide 650m3/h(400CFM) cooling wind
    * Detachable water tank 7L, easy to fill in water & Large Ice.
    * Fluorescent Ring protected your family
    * 60W power Low cost of the energy bill
    * Ionizer removed the bad smelling, provide you...
    Read More
  • Aerocool Evaporative Cooler

    Aerocool Evaporative Cooler

    * Super size Air outlet window.
    * Low power but strong wing.
    * 30L water tank
    * Air cooling+ Air Purifiying + Air humidified 3 in 1
    Read More
  • Evaporative Cooler Central Air

    Evaporative Cooler Central Air

    * Simple Operation- Convenient Remote Controler
    * Multi Function: Cooling, Ionizer,Timer, Humidification
    * 4 wind speeds: High-Medium-Low-Sleeping
    * USB Charger for optional
    * Mist Function available
    Read More
  • Inside Evaporative Cooler

    Inside Evaporative Cooler

    * 30L water tank for whole day used;
    * Auto Up-Down, Left-Right Swing
    * 3 side Cooling pad, 1 side Cooling pad up to you
    * 2 Centrifugal fans with Copper motor
    * Fluorescent Ring protected you at deep night
    * Mist fuction to increase the...
    Read More
  • Electric Room Heater

    Electric Room Heater

    Heater without burn of oxygen, no glowing, no fire hazard, low noise while heating. 3 power adjustment, which could quiet and quick warmth of your home.Timer setting function, meet your different times request. Product Features Advantages 1. Fast heating and noise free. 2....Read More
  • Electric Fan Heater

    Electric Fan Heater

    PTC heating overheat protection personal or office use electric heater. Temperature and humidity detection and display function, let you know the indoor environment at any time. Touch screen control and remote control, easy to operate. Product Features Advantages 1. Novel and...Read More





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