The 15th North China Household Electrical Appliances Exhibition
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Shunde Rainbow Way company, who is concentrate on air coolers for years. According to the development trend of the markets and combined with the demands of customers, we open a new production line for the heater fan.



From October 15th to October 17th , we came to the 15th China household electrical appliances exhibition, which is in Linyi city, Shandong province. This exhibition, we showed our summer products - water cooling fan, and winter products - heater fan. Through our explained, much people are interested in them.



In China, winter will come soon. The buyers start to purchase heater for the winter use. We have wide rang of heating power (from 3KW to 18KW) for the heater. Besides, all kinds of heaters are suitable for different area, such as for desk use, home use, office use and supermarket use.


Through this exhibition, our products not only get the favour of customers, but also get improvements for our products’ function after customers’ experience. We will continuously derive the suggestions to create more products, that can meet people's health, comfortable life.





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