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  • Safety Production Training
    Jul 15, 2018
    On July 5th 2018, a safety production training was organized by Guangdong Shunde Rainbow Way Technical Co., Ltd (Rainbow way in short ).  All staff attended the training. There were 2 themes in the training.
    Theme 1:Strengthen the safety legal system , ensure the safety of production
    Theme 2:Improve safety equipment personnel security concept and security production skills

    Safety production has always emphasized the policy of "safety first, prevention and comprehensive management". SO Rainbow way have implemented the main responsibility for production safety and strengthened the training of safety education for workers.



    After the training, Rainbow way workers said they would make use of what they had learned and shared the knowledge with their friends. 



    Currently, a series of safety activities are ongoing in our Rainbow Way.Because safety production is a long-term and arduous task.Only continuous safety education and training, can ensure the safety, prevent and avoid the occurrence of various accidents.

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