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  • R9 Trial Production
    Aug 29, 2018

    swamp coolers R9 Trial production


    Residential swamp coolers are typically smaller units that are designed for spot cooling,

    and they often feature large caster wheels and carrying handles to make it easier to move them around at home or in the office.

    These air coolers are great options if you need flexibility and a cooler that goes anywhere you need it to.

    But now many swamp coolers are still with the Button design, very old modle and easy to brken. Could we have the the modern High-tech method?

    Every time when the water finised, customer needs to Squat then fill the water, is there any convenient way to fill in the water?



    R & D

    Touch sensor control same as we used the mobile phone, very easy , touch the screen lighly.

    5090 nature paper honeycomb (cooling pad) provided great cooling performance and long life evaporator.






    Structural Design


    Water inlet on top more easy and convenient to fill in water . If the swamp cooler water finished.



    Trial production

    Every components are ready, our engineer guides the workers to finish the assembling steps by steps.

    How to assembling it easy and test the parts in connected well.







    R9 swamp coolers finished assembling and passed the safty testing, our engineer send them to the aging area for life testing and the cooling effection testing.

    Room temperature 35℃ and humidity 40% the R9 cooling performance is very good. Temperature goes down 6.1℃.


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