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  • Mumbai Exhibition
    Aug 11, 2018

        Rainbow Way Air Cooler focuses on expanding India market this year and attends the Mumbai Exhibition on 28th July, 2018, which lasts three days.



        This is the first time to the India exhibition, but our unique design and high-quality products are very popular in the exhibition and many small wholesalers left their contacts and hope if we have distributors in India, we could contact them. 

        The scene is very hot and many people squeezed into our booth to know more about our products.



        We not only manufacture residential air cooler but also commercial and industrial ones. On the exhibition, we show our advanced technology, AC &DC model without adaptor, our DC model can connect to either the electricity or battery directly, which is perfect for the regions in which is shortage of power. 

        Here is our small model connected to the battery directly and this battery can run the machine for 10 hours.


        With the improvement of living standards in India, many people prefer high quality products with eco-friendly and no smell, Rainbow Way Swamp Cooler not only manufactures high quality products with ONE YEAR warranty but also these beautiful products are with good performance. We provide multi-functional swamp cooler with purifying, humidifying, mist and other optional functions as request.

        Some customers wanna to see our factory after exhibition and we welcome all the friends come for us.



        After exhibition, we come back to the hotel and the chef cooks Chinese food according to the way what we tell him. What a perfect day!



        We finish the trip in India, and finally thank you all the customers and we believe we could be your trustworthy supplier in China.

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