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  • Scientific understanding of Air Cooler
    Dec 21, 2017

    Scientific understanding of air conditioning fan

    "The money of the fan, the enjoyment of the air conditioning", with the coming of the summer, the air-conditioning fan started a new round of propaganda offensive. Reporters found that this summer air conditioning fans are particularly concerned about health functions, and brands are fighting healthy battles, such as producing negative ions, refreshing air and antibacterial, which are very attractive to consumers. But are small air conditioners really magical? What experts say is that they are more and more functional to meet consumers' health needs, but most of them are just playing the concept of technology.

    Styled fashion, color - rich air-conditioning fan has been placed in the store's prominent position, many consumers around the selection. The reporter saw that there are seven or eight brands of hot air fans in the store, of which more than half of the products are claimed to have health functions, and the health function is the focus of promoters.

    Are consumers buy air conditioning fan Liu told reporters that his children are small, usually dare not see the use of air conditioning, air conditioning fan function more, but also has health function, want to buy one, just do not know how much health product promotion is still hesitating, so a.

    In view of the confusion of consumers, the reporter interviewed relevant experts. Experts pointed out that although the air conditioning fan feels cool, it doesn't have the function of lowering the indoor temperature. It is still like an electric fan, which promotes the evaporation of the sweat on the surface of the human body and takes away the heat of the human body by blowing the wind. Even if the temperature is cool, it is also limited by the melting of the ice and the evaporation of the water to take away the heat in the air. The air-conditioning fan, called the ice and water, can reduce the room temperature by four or five degrees to be "flicker". As for health functions such as aeration, disinfection, sterilization and refreshing air, consumers should not attach too much importance to and rely on them, because most of them are hype, and no product has been certified by the state authorities.

    It is worth noticing that the air conditioner blows the natural wind, though it is better than the air blow out of the air-conditioner, but it still needs frequent windowing and ventilation to keep the indoor air clean. In addition, because the air conditioner fan does not have the cooling function, it is not necessary to worry about the room temperature when the air conditioning is used as air conditioning.

    High maintenance requirements for air conditioning fans

    Compared with electric fans, the use and maintenance of air conditioners are more demanding. Reasonable use and maintenance can not only prolong their service life, but also give full play to the functions of products.

    First, the air conditioning fan should be added to the water in time. A new machine or a long time after the closure of the air conditioning fan must, before use of water pouring, can observe the water level, water quantity control. The power plug should be pulled out before adding water to prevent the damage of the electrical components. The water level to be filled up to the "highest" position can not be overfilled. In the refrigeration, to observe the situation of water, when the water level dropped to close to the "minimum" position, which should be added to water, otherwise it will lose the refrigeration effect. The air conditioning fan with refrigeration function is usually realized through ice crystal. Generally, it has two ice crystals. It can be stored in a refrigerator at home for a period of time every night, and put it in the water tank for second days, and the effect is better.

    Second, humidification should be appropriate. There are many similarities between air conditioning fans and humidifiers. Through the water cooling device, the air blown by them has moisture. If used regularly, the indoor humidity will be too large. As a result, people with low immunity are prone to eczema and allergic dermatitis. If there are pregnant or rheumatic patients at home, it is more vulnerable to moisture.

    Third, after the air conditioning fan is running for a long time, due to the obstruction of dust and dirt, it will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter net, the wind curtain. So it's best to clean it every two weeks.

    Fourth, when using air conditioning fans, the distance should not be used alone for a long time in closed rooms. Ventilation must be used alone to keep the air flowing and open doors and windows.

    If necessary, in the closed space can be considered to close doors and windows with the use of air conditioning better, so complementary advantages.

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