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  • Summer must use and clean air conditioning fan
    Dec 21, 2017

    Summer must use and clean air conditioning fan

    The blink of an eye in the summer, the summer the main topic is how to prevent heatstroke. To prevent summer heat stroke, it is necessary to have a suitable room temperature, but also from the diet, drink a lot of green bean soup. Summer air conditioning fans are often seen in small household appliances. The cooling effect of air conditioning fans is not as strong as that of air conditioners, but they are better than electric fans. If you add some ice to the water tank, the effect of two pairs will be better. So how does an air-conditioned fan use? How to maintain and clean it? The little editor introduces several methods.

    (1) horizontally placed air conditioning fan should be placed level, not to tilt, before use to check whether the power supply is consistent with the parameters of the fan nameplate.

    (2) the air-conditioner fan of the Rui platinum remittance company does not need to put the freezing ice crystal effect as well.

    (3) if humidification is necessary for humidification, we must first add water to the water tank and start the operation for about 1-10 minutes. After that, the outlet temperature will be reduced from the ambient temperature to the best result. The cold water or ice water is added to the condition, the cooling effect is better, and some spices can be added to adjust the room air.

    (4) if the air conditioning fans are not used for a long time, the water in the tank should be cleaned up, and the air supply at room temperature will last for 15-30 minutes. Let the machine, especially the filter net part, be completely dried and reclaimed by plastic bags, so that it can be reused.

    (5) after cleaning the air-conditioning fan for a long time, it is best to clean it every two weeks. The following is as follows: under the guidance of professional maintenance personnel!

    1. switch off the power cord plug;

    2. pull out the power connection wire device,

    3. after twisting the net cover screw, take down the rear hood; remove the filter net and the evaporator (wet curtain) together.

    4. use the detergent and clean water as the appropriate concentration.

    5., put the filter net and the back cover in the container, wash it for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water. Remember, do not flush the motor and the power supply part and the power cord without washing with water, except for the water, and do not flush the motor and circuit board with water.

    6. reinstall the filter net and evaporator (wet curtain) back to the original, install the protection screw; use it normally.

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