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  • Factors Affecting Cooling Effect Of Air Cooler?
    Dec 21, 2017

    1. Avoid installing air cooler on buildings and structures near the leeward side. Hot air comes out of the air cooler and is entrained by the wind. After hitting the barrier, some hot air circulates back to the inlet. This problem can be alleviated by using a blower fan with a high enough exhaust duct. However, the best way is to install the air cooler away from these obstructions.

    2. Air cooler with blower fan is always easy to recycle air. If the air cooler is installed too close to the ground, a high air velocity will be generated, and hot air recirculation may become very severe. The blast type air cooler is installed on relatively high ground, preferably the top of the Tube gallery. If the air cooler is close to other structures, an exhaust pipe can be installed at the upper part of the bundle to minimize the amount of hot air recirculation.

    3, tightly put together into the emptying cooler and the dominant wind direction to maintain a consistent installation, easy to generate hot air recirculation. The air cooled cooler should be installed so that the long axis is perpendicular to the dominant wind direction in summer. A plurality of air coolers close together, such as wind-induced and blast-type mixing, can also cause air recirculation. The air cooler should be avoided on the downwind side of the thermal equipment. At the same time, should avoid the air cooler in the tight arrangement of the installation has different elevation. If it is necessary to install an air cooler on the downwind side of the thermal equipment, the air inlet to the hot equipment should be blocked so that the problem can be alleviated.

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