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  • Annual Company Trip To Xunliao Bay, Guangdong
    Aug 06, 2018

    At Rainbow Way , We believe that “work hard , play hard ,enjoy life”, and to substantiate this belief, the company organizes annual trips to great locations across the nation every year.In 2018, this year ,Rainbow Way headed to coastal city Huizhou located in Southeast China. The two-day trip running from Jul. 12 to 13 was both refreshing and fun at Xunliao Bay.

    Xunliao Bay is one of the most beautiful beach in China. It’s a nice stretch of sand to relax and sunbath on

    On the first day of the trip, the guide arranged us to go surfing by surf-capable boat.It was a amazing and wonderful adventure.We could catch the wave when surfing .What a thrilling sensation.

    Having had a break, We went to the beach and swam in the water.

    As the day drawn to a close, visited Sunset Beach, where an explosion of light and color painted the sky as the sun set gracefully behind the waves.What a really great beach to relax and enjoy the sun.

    The second day began with a trip to Tianhou palace.Tianhou palace was built to worship the Goddess of sea, also called Mazu (or Tianhou in Chinese, literally meaning Heavenly Empress) by the people.There are many touching stories about her helping people in shipwrecks, so she was thought to be the incarnation of the goddess of sea .

    On the afternoon of second day , All staff played games and did team building activities that brought us closer than ever.


    The annual company trip was a short rest from the busy working life,broadened our eyes and enhanced our team working spirit. After the trip, Rainbow way staff came back to work with refreshed mind.

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