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  • It's good to use Air Cooler
    Dec 21, 2017

    It's good to use air conditioning fan

    When the air conditioning fan essentially belongs to the category of the fan, and the fan is also electronic refrigeration. Because its shape is similar to the mini cabinet air conditioner, there are pumps that can make the air cool in the water circulation and blow out the cold air which is lower than the room temperature, so it is called the air conditioning fan. Now there are air-conditioner fans with both cold and warm use, which can not only cool down but also heat up, and have more air conditioning effect. Air conditioning fan first, has an affinity for the price, the price is generally 300 yuan to 700 yuan, if the price will be cheaper single refrigeration, and 100 yuan to 200 yuan, the total power consumption of air-conditioning fan only 60~80 watts, with the power consumption of the ordinary electric fan is similar, although not really achieve the refrigeration effect of air conditioning, but the ratio of blowing the electric fan blowing into hot air can be much better. And in the summer, indoor air conditioning, air drying, air conditioning fan adding ice crystal, both can improve the temperature and keep humidity. Especially for the elderly, the air - conditioned fan is very gentle and just right.

    It is understood that most of the buyers of air conditioning fans are single wage earners and outsiders. The rooms are not air-conditioned fans enough, and second, the consumption level is in the middle. For them, air conditioners are too expensive. Now everyone knows how the air conditioning is, knowing that long stay in the air-conditioned room will produce a variety of dizziness, memory loss and other symptoms. The air conditioning fan, aiming at the weakness of the air conditioner, installs the negative ion generator and exudes the oxygen negative ion, which can achieve the effect of purifying air to improve the air quality.

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