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  • What are the advantages of a water cooled fan with an evaporative water cooling fan?
    Dec 21, 2017

    What are the advantages of a water cooled fan with an evaporative water cooling fan?

    Brief introduction of evaporative water cooling fan (air conditioning fan)

    Evaporative water cooling fan is the use of water temperature to refrigerate and refrigerate the air environment, the most important is the wet curtain. When water flows evenly from the top of the wet curtain along the corrugated surface of the wet curtain, when the wet curtain is moist evenly, the pressure of the fan draws pressure and transforms a lot of damp heat into latent heat, thus increasing a large number of damp heat in the air to latent heat, resulting in a cooling and humidifying effect. Water cooled air conditioner fan

    Working principle of evaporative water cooled fan (air conditioning fan)

    The water cooling air - conditioned fan uses the principle that the water should absorb heat when it volatilized. The premise is that the air is dry. In summer, the air itself is humid and muggy, and the air is very humid, so the cooling effect of the water cooling air conditioner is not good. Just add a bit of ice behind the fan, not cool, but softer, blowing more comfortably than the fan, and more cold water than a fan! If the cooling effect is good, open the air conditioner at home first, add water in the water tank, preferably ice water (small ice block). The water cooled air conditioner fan is essentially a fan, and is a fan with a water cooling device. Water cooled air conditioner fan

    Advantages of evaporative water cooled fan (air conditioning fan)

    Users can choose wind according to their needs, such as natural wind supply or post ventilation, or DC and frequency conversion. In addition, humidity can be adjusted according to the needs of workplaces, so as to improve work efficiency. The water-cooled air-conditioning fan consumes only 1 degrees per hour and saves electricity. He uses water temperature as refrigerant, which is much more environmental friendly than traditional refrigerant free refrigerant, and there is no chemical pollution. The water-cooled air conditioning fan has fewer traditional refrigerants and low investment cost. It can also supply 18000 cubic meters per hour, with high wind pressure, far air supply and great efficiency. Water-cooled air conditioning fan with automatic cleaning function, air conditioning cleaning without worry about; and the wheel type sweepforward wing trefoil curve blade, low noise, will not affect people's rest. Water cooled air conditioner fan

    The above is our water-cooled air conditioning fan introduce the working principle and advantages, we can see the water-cooled air conditioning fan is a kind of refrigeration equipment is very good, very good cooling effect brings to our life, but also very energy saving and comfortable, so we have to buy later if the refrigeration equipment. Water-cooled air conditioning fan, is your best choice.

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