Hot sales air cooler model LL-V6 , outstanding appearance with big airflow
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RBW LL-V6, black &white ABS material, fluent radian solid sculpt design

4500m3/h airflow for whole house, for family party, for travel in outside

Touch sensor display, OEM brand

120 degree wide angle air supply, automatic function to enjoy cool air

Big water tank- 45L capacity, it with 3 ways to feed water: top side ,back side, detachable tank,

it was suitable for all of people when we designed it

Choosing cooling function, it keep cool all day long, and not need to feed water all the time

The unique inverted design of water tank, save more space in container and in room

Just make it upside down and put on the top of air cooler

One container could load 346 pieces ,all of details we did full consideration