Model FSZ-32A ,DC rechargeable stand fan
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FSZ-32A is another type in DC rechargeable fan series we developed, it has similar appearance as FSZ 13A and got patent.To save more space we designed one desk that like box to contain the whole fan,the desk can bear someone and less than 100kgs

White fan body with colorful fan blade, simple and natural color matching

14 inch 3D fine mesh cover, avoid your fingers to put in

Power 18W, maximum wind speed 6m/s

The whole body included desk are made of 100% new ABS material,very stronger and not easy to deform

There are total 7 pieces fan blade,bring you soft and natural wind

LED digital display, touch sensor control, easy to operate

Up&down, left&right multi-angle automatic swing , up and down is 45 degrees swing,left and right can be 30/60/90 degree swing

There is 3pcs 18650 lithium battery inside, using time lasting 12 hours if charging full

It is Environmental protection and fluorine-free, it can be a good partner of air conditioner

With WIFI function, firstly download smart life APP as manual instruction, easily remote control it in anywhere