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While installing an Evaporative Air Cooler, the first and foremost identification would be a window near which it has to be installed. As the evaporative cooling methodology constantly pulls outside air to convert it into refreshing and cool air and replaces the hot and stale indoor air, thus an outlet in the form of a window or exhaust is a must. It would be much more effective if there is also a window in the opposite direction so that cross breeze is allowed for significantly more cooling. If the installation of an air cooler is meant for an entire house, then firstly you need to install the cooler in a centralized area or then connect it to the ducts and ensure that airflow is uniform in different rooms. The steps in the process are as under:

· Assembly, installation, and setting up of the cooler – Fixing support assembly in the correct place and positioning the cooler on that is the basic step

· Waterline – Connecting the waterline to the evaporative cooler and insuring the cut off valve to be in a place that is a preventive mechanism to avoid wastage of water and also avoids damage to the cooler

· Air Vent – which runs right from the air cooler to target areas of your home to allow the passage of cool air into your room or the entire home.

· Regular maintenance is the keyword to keep your evaporative cooler up and running with optimal efficiency during the summer season and for that, the following needs to be done with due diligence:

· Depending on the intensity of usage, the cooling pads need to be cleaned, ideally a couple of times during the season and replaced if necessary

· Water tanks can have mineral deposits, moles, rust, corrosion, or even cracks. Cleaning the water tank and overhauling the same with anti-rust paint and repairing is advised to keep it in great shape

· During off-season and the dormant times, cleansing the pipes which can be clogged with dirt and dust keeps the Evaporative Cooler healthy and free of any situation of malfunctioning.