What are the classification of air cooler?
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1, according to the arrangement of tube bundle is divided into: horizontal, vertical, oblique top type.


2, according to the ventilation method is divided into: Blast type, wind and natural ventilation type.


3, according to the cooling mode is divided into: dry, wet and dry joint-type.


4, according to the technological process is divided into: all dry air cooling, before dry air cooling, before dry air cooling, wet air cold, dry and wet combined air cold.


5, according to the installation method is divided into: ground type, elevated type, tower top type (on the tower and Tower-body).


6, according to the air flow control mode is divided into: Stop manual angle-adjusting fan, automatic angle-adjusting fan, automatic angle-adjusting fan and automatic speed regulation fan, shutter adjustment.


7, according to the cold prevention methods are divided into: hot air internal circulation, hot air outside the circulation, steam mixing heat type and different temperature heat flow of the joint forms.