What are the common forms of air cooler?
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Air cooler It is a heat exchanger that utilizes air to cool the heat flow. The heat flow in the tube of the cooler is exchanged by the tube wall and fin and the air outside the tube, and the air used is usually supplied by the ventilator. Air cooler can be used for cooling or condensing, widely used in oil refining, petrochemical tower top steam condensation, reflux oil, tower bottom oil cooling, various reaction generators cooling and power plant steam turbine exhaust condensation.


The basic form of air cooler fin tube is set-piece type, round piece type, rolling piece type, welding piece type, oval tube type, insert piece type, turbulent flow type, spoke type, slotting form, ripple form. and its tube box structure mainly has flange type, pipe plug type and assemble tube type. General flange type is used for low voltage, pipe plug type and assembly tube type for high pressure.


Air cooler is mainly used for walking machinery, such as: excavators, loaders, forklifts, cranes, combine harvester, road machinery, construction machinery and so on. Note that the cooling of the working medium to the required temperature is forced by air cooling.