What factors affect the performance of air cooler?
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We know that the type and material of the tube bundles affect the performance of the air cooler:


The type and material of tube bundle have great influence on the performance of air cooler. Because the heat transfer coefficient of the air side is very small, it is often in the Tube plus fin, in order to increase heat transfer area and fluid turbulence, reduce thermal resistance. The air cooler mostly adopts radial fin. At present, the air cooler usually uses the outer diameter is 25mm light tube, the fin height is the 12.5mm low fin tube and the fin height is the 16mm high fin tube.


Fins are generally made of materials with high thermal conductivity (most commonly used aluminum) and are wound or inlaid to light tubes. In order to enhance the heat transfer effect of air cooler, it can spray water and humidification in the imported atmosphere. This not only reduces the air temperature, but also increases the heat transfer coefficient. The use of air cooler can save a lot of industrial water, reduce environmental pollution and reduce infrastructure costs. Especially in the area of lack of water, with air cooling instead of water-cooled, can alleviate the contradiction of water shortage.