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  • What’s the price of evaporative air cooler?
    Feb 26, 2018

    Evaporative air cooler is more cost effective than air conditioner, and also it could humidify and purify the air.

    The price of air cooler is various depending on the design, material and size. The following four models for example:

    1.     7L water tank, 650m³/h airflow, New ABS plastic, this model is cheapest.


    2.     30L water tank, ABS NEW material, 2500 m³/h airflow, the price is double



    3.     The following is more powerful, 45L water tank, 4500m³/h airflow, also new ABS material, the price is triple of the first model.



    4.     The above three models are good looking for household or office use, so the material we use is healthy first-hand new ABS, but the following model, we use PP, I could be used for outdoor.


    Generally, Guangdong Shunde Rainbow Way specializes in evaporative air cooler, and have full ranges of air cooler for household, commercial and industrial use. If wanna to know our products, you could click www.rbwaircooler.com or send us e-mail: info@microbohk.com

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