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  • What’s the difference between air conditioner and evaporative air cooler?
    Mar 13, 2018

    What’s the difference between air conditioner and evaporative air cooler? Compared with air conditioner, air cooler can only be used for spot cooling, but air conditioner can make the room temperature cooling up directly. But in terms of power consumption, air conditioner power consumption is relatively large, air cooler is by ice work and more energy-efficient.

    Air Conditioner VS Air Cooler


    1. Product characteristic

    * Air conditioner is a breakthrough traditional design concept, high energy efficiency, low noise, no need to install, can be placed anywhere.

    * Air cooler is a new concept of the fan, it has multiple functions, can supply air, cooling, heating, air purification, humidification and more in one.

    2. working principle

    * Air conditioner compose by compressors, exhaust fans, electric heaters, evaporators, air-cooled fin-type condenser and other devices. Beside, the fuselage with a power plug. It’s refrigeration system uses its own research and development of new refrigerants, instead of Freon R22 medium, highlighting the environmental performance of air conditioning. As to the heating system, it uses PTC heating technology, can heat transfer, with high efficiency, low power consumption features. As to the control system, it has two options: manual and remote control. When with power, the hidden air outlet will automatically open, and blow out wind all your room.

    * Air cooler use water as the medium, can send cold wind lower than the room temperature, but also can send warm and humid wind. Compared with the electric fan, air cooler can fresh the air, and remove the odor. What’s more, which price is competitive, due to its power is just need only about 60-80W. For the majority of working-class families and residents in the old city, the use of air cooler not only can avoid the troubles of the trip meter, but also let the users have cool and comfortable feeling, compareing with air conditioner and electric fan.

    3. Price

    Air conditioner retail price is about RMB2000. However, air cooler only need a few hundred yuan. Both items’ prices gap have several times.

    4. Cooling effect

    * Air conditioner can significantly adjust the indoor temperature, and can be adjusted to different temperatures as needed. However, the use of it will be caused the indoor air uneven, that will easy to make people fell discomfort, and susceptible to air conditioning disease. At the same time, the power for air conditioner is large, will have power consumption.

    *  Air cooler that have low power consumption, it can reduce the temperature of about 5-6 degrees than the normal electric fan. In addition, some of air coolers have the function of heating and Ionizer function. For a large area, which cooling effect is general, there is no dehumidification function. When using, it will increase the humidity in the air. In order to get good cooling effect, the air cooler can be used in the dry areas.

    5. Energy efficiency and energy saving

    When air cooler in the cooling function, its power is about 60-80W. While air conditioner’s power consumption can be up to 1000W ( In addition to environmentally friendly air conditioner).

    6. Application area

    * Application area for air conditioner: office, outdoor temporary command center, other public places (like open shop), higher precision room, equipment room and ect.

    * The room is not very large, that is suitable to use air cooler. Besides, for personal useage, air cooler price will be more easy to be accepted.


    Air conditioner and air cooler which one is better?

    * Air conditioner need to be worked in an enclosed environment, that will easy to make people feel uncomfortable. When the environment is very dirty, electric fan will also blow out dirty wind. However, air cooler combines the advantage between the air conditioning and the electric fan. Most of the air coolers have a dust filter, which can filter air. If there is a layer of photocatalyst on the dust filter, it can also play a bactericidal effect. Besides, air cooler start for a cooling function, only need 60-80W, which power is same as the refrigerator. So for a normal use, it will help to save the electricity.

    * Need to add ice into the water tank, and then the air cooler can blow out the cold wind. If the area is not too large, the cooling effect will be better. Air conditioner, can adjust the temperature as you want, no matter hot or cold are both ok. After a period time of usage, need to continue to add fluoride to get good cooling effect, that might will be affect the environment.


    Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioner and evaporative air cooler

    1. Air conditioner

    * Advantages :

    Can significantly adjust the indoor air temperature, and can be adjusted to different temperatures as needed. There is lots of lots of choice for the customers, due to there are manu brands in the market.

    * Disadvantages:

    Air conditioner which is large, expensive. It need to be used in a closed environment, that will easy to make people have discomfort, and susceptible to air conditioning disease. At the same time, the power is larger, power consumption, consumers are difficult to accept above disavantages.

    2. Air cooler

    * Advantages :

     Comparing with the electric fan, air cooler can reduce 5-6 degrees celsius. Besides, it is popular because of low power consumption, small size (leads to easy to move), and its price is lower than air conditioner. In the market, you can see some of the air coolers also have heating and ionizer function.

    * Disadvantages:

    You may not feel cooling effect well because of the large area. For air cooler, there is no humidification function. When using the air cooler, it will increase the humidity in the air.

    3. How about the cooling effect of the air cooler?

    In summer, hot weather is a worrying thing, so many customer will buy an air cooler. Air cooler is favored by many consumers due to its affordable price, small size and easy for the usage.

    Actually, air cooler is an electric fan with water cooling device. It has no compressor, no Freon. It works by a built-in water pump to let the water in the machine constantly cycling, to lead the surrounding air cooling, that make you feel cool. Air cooler outlet temperature is generally lower than room temperature 3 -5 , the industry called this phenomenon is physical storage refrigeration. Need to be reminded is when using the air cooler, as long as we clean often and dehumidification, we must can feel cool all the summer.

    4. The elderly and children should use air cooler

    Air cooler make cold wind through the water-cooled cycle, coupled with hot and humid summer air, cold wind will inevitably cause condensate in the outlet and other places where the most prone to bacteria. Bacteria will be blown into the air with the cold. Therefore, for health reasons, poor immunity of the elderly and children should minimize the use of air cooler.

    In addition, there is a second "risk" for the use of air cooler. In fact, there are many similarities with the dehumidifier, air cooler through the water-cooled device, to blowing out the wind with moisture. If often used, it will make the indoor humidity is too large. Therefore, people with poor immunity are prone to eczema, atopic dermatitis. If have pregnant women or rheumatism at home, it will more vulnerable to moisture violations. So we are more recommend to ues air conditioners or electric fans for above people, because air conditioner generally have dehumidification function, while electric fan mainly use air convection, at least it will not increase the humidity artificially.

    5. How to choose air cooler brand?

    Varies air-cooler brand in the market, they are different prices, different quality. Consumers more or less will be confused of how to choose a good air cooler? It is recommended that when you buy an air cooler, you could ask the seller turn other air cooler off which is near your favorite one. When the air cooler works after 2 to 3 minutes, then you can test the cooling effect, due to some air coolers need to run some time to achieve the best results.

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