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  • What is air cooler? Can it cool enough?
    Feb 01, 2018

    Air Cooler is a kind of combination of electrical fan and air conditioner, it can cool, purify and humidify the air. It can reduce the temperature of the air outlet up to 5~15 degrees depending on the local humidity.

    Most air cooler has pre-filter net, which could protect from the dusts and pollutants so to purify the air.

    The start power of air cooler is only 60-80W, so it’s very power saving.

    In fact, air cooler has been developed for around 10 years, and is gradually improved to what it looks like now. Compared with electrical fan, air cooler can not only purify and humidify the air, but also could spot cool air down, as no compressor inside, air cooler is not like the air conditioner. For better cool effect, it could be added small ice inside to cool the water, but with advanced technology today, some air coolers can completely meet up the cool demand and no need to add ice but have the same effect with ice inside.

    Like the following model of RBW LL-16A, it has three cooling pads and three sides for air in and out, air speed can be up to 15m/s, it could sharply for spot cool especially in the regions where the humidity is around 40% or lower.

    If you want fast effect, you may consider this for your first choice.

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