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  • What’s the Best selling evaporative air cooler in Europe?
    Mar 30, 2018

    Nowadays, many people know and accept evaporative air cooler, but as many brands and models in the market, it’s really hard for consumers to choose, Here I recommend several hot selling models for room use.

    1.     Model :RBW-Q8A/A1

    Specification of this air cooler:

    Airflow: 2000m³/h

    Capacity: 30L/20L  

    Wind speed:12m/s


    Product Size: 350*380*970mm (Q8A)

    Product Size: 350*380*870mm(Q8A1)



    -Low power consumption but with three cooling pads and cooling effect is perfect

    -Water tank could be taken out and easy to be put ice inside or clean the water tank

    -Popular design, and color could be changed as requirement

    -Powerful wind but low noise


    2.     Model: RBW-16B

    Round air outlet air cooler, and airflow can be up to 1600m³/h. Water tank:30L 


    3.     Model: RBW-16C

    Enlarged wind air outlet, water tank is 30L as following,


    4.     Model: RBW-16D

    Small evaporative air cooler for room use, this air cooler will not occupy much space, the 7 liter water tank can be taken out and filling water in.

    All ABS plastic material, good for healthy.


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