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  • What is air conditioning
    Dec 21, 2017

    First, improve the service life of the Tube (high-frequency equipment). Ordinary water is easy to scale, need to clean regularly, once scaling has affected the power and life of the electron tube, the anode of the tube is easy to burn.

    Second, save energy. (Take 100KW high-frequency tube equipment as an example) under the direct current high pressure anode waterway electricity consumption is: ordinary water in 8KW or so, distilled in 70W about.

    Third, reduce electrolytic corrosion. The anode high pressure forms the direct current through the water resistance. caused by electrolytic corrosion of tube water sleeve import and export, the electrolytic corrosion rate of ordinary water is 100 times times more.

    Air Cooler storage tank according to the equipment power is about 0.4~2.0m3, each ton of pure water price between 250 yuan to 300 yuan. Because of the use of closed circulation, so distilled water consumption is very low, for the use of distilled water to create conditions, as well as a certain proportion of the company to join our special research and development of antifreeze products can completely solve the winter frozen problem of high-frequency waterway. The use of distilled water not only improves the life of equipment and components, but also reduces the maintenance costs, so as to improve productivity and save energy.

    Four, air cooler through the atmosphere and soften the wall heat transfer, the electric furnace sensors, SCR, electron tubes and other electrical components emitted by the heat emitted in the air. The heat transfer tube with conductivity thermal properties is combined to form a high heat flux density, so the device has high cooling efficiency. The use of air continuous heat transfer, the heat to the air, cleared the accumulated heat, meet the induction heating system temperature requirements.

    The cooling system uses distilled water in the air cooler and induction heating equipment closed circuit cycle, the quality of clean, so that the cooling of the electrical system for a long period of scale, not blocked by foreign bodies. Winter can be in the cooling water to add antifreeze, to prevent the failure of the waterway is frozen bad, reduce the induction heating equipment failure occurred, the cooling system does not require a pool and cooling towers.

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