Tips of using an evaporative air cooler
- Dec 05, 2018 -

1 Check the average humidity in your area. Evaporative air coolers work best with very low relative humidity and hot temperatures. If the average humidity in your area is higher than 50%, an evaporative are cooler will not work properly.

2 Quick start guide.

Fill with water and plug into a standard power outlet.Note: Please make sure the household power voltage matches the product specifications.

Place near an open door or window.


Turn ON and enjoy the cooling breeze.Note: Start with LOW speed and gradually increase to higher speed for optimum cooling performance.


3 Enjoy the fresh cooling breeze, Clean the filter and water tank regularly.The water filter for the swamp cooler cleans out any impurities for maximum evaporation. When the filter is clogged, these impurities will get through and evaporation will slow, or stop altogether.






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