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  • Some simple introduction of air cooler
    Dec 21, 2017

    Air cooler is mainly divided into dry-type, wet and dry-wet combination of these three kinds, of which dry air cooler is the basic type of air cooler, and wet air cooler and wet-dry combined air cooler is the development of dry air cooler.

    In addition, the air cooler in accordance with the form of ventilation is mainly blowing and wind two. The two types of the wet air cooler and the combined air cooler are suitable for the lower temperature process fluids.

    Dry air cooler can be divided into horizontal, oblique-top, horizontal vertical and vertical type and so on.

    The plate cooler is mainly a kind of apparatus which can play the role of condensation, quickly make the object and liquid cool down, it is a kind of cooling equipment commonly used in the power system. If the cooler uses a plate cooler for a period of time there will be a leakage phenomenon, this phenomenon is usually caused by the aging of the plate cooler. Then the next small series for you to introduce how to solve the plate cooler aging and leakage of this phenomenon?

    1. Check the gasket of plate cooler to see if it is out of the sealing groove when leaking out

    2. See if there is any dirt in the gasket

    3, check whether the gasket is damaged or aging.

    Measures should be taken to:

    1, the first leakage of the site to do a mark

    2, and then the cooling of the disintegration of the investigation, when the gasket from the sealing groove should be reassembled

    3, if the damage or aging caused by the new gasket should be replaced immediately

    4, the need to regularly clean the gasket.

    5, if it is the plate seal groove part or the sealing area of the case if there is a crack leakage, the need to reassemble the plate.

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